What about medicare?

Presently we do not accept, with limited exceptions, Medicare assignment. However, Medicare will continue to reimburse you for our services at the same rate as in the past. The amount you receive, and any amount you received in the past, represents what Medicare would be willing to reimburse us. We firmly believe this level of reimbursement to be too unfairly low to allow the practice of quality medicine. We will continue to deliver personable, knowledgeable and thoughtful medical care, and believe so doing deserves, not excessive, but reasonable compensation. Through experience, it is possible to keep the number and monetary costs of tests and medications minimal and to keep the interval between appointments such that good medical care is delivered at a reasonable cost. We are aware that it is always possible to buy a cheaper product, but the end result is usually a cheaper product.

Insurance Plans

Below is a list of participating insurance plans. If you do not find your plan listed, please contact our office, as your plan may have been added.
You may click on an insurance plan name to visit the website of the insurance company.

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